Online Projects

Our Various Online Projects...

AsWeRise.ORG: Inspired by the One Billion Rising Movement, "As We Rise" is a collection of ideas and perceptions of women and men across India and across the world over an issue which has held our societies by the neck for centuries now. "As We Rise" deals with the burning topics of sexual violation, domestic violence, taboos of the society on such issues and how does the balance of women and men relationship exist in societies today.

SikkimRisisng.TV: 6.9 Sikkim Rising is a Travelogue  Documentary Series where we have highlighted the plight of the people of Sikkim after the 6.9 Magnitude earthquake shook Sikkim on September 18, 2012. The series available to the general public via Video on Demand platforms of the Internet and Direct to Home Television. SikkimRising.TV is India's first Series Specific Online Channel where the 6.9 Sikkim Rising has been made available.

XTVWorld.Com:  Launched in March 2004, XTVWorld.Com is a feast for a Communication, IT and Technology enthusiasts. XTVWorld.Com caters to news and information on 21 specific areas of media, communication, IT and technology. The Portal gets on an average 1000 unique hits per day.

news4.IN: News4.IN is an on-line news aggregating website, launched keeping in mind the news conscious online Indian community, interested in being updated in whats happening in the nooks and corners around India. The website is running in an Alpha mode.

PRESSbooth.ORG: Launched in June 2008, PRESSbooth.ORG is a Free International News Distribution Platform for SOHOs, Start-Ups and SMBs working in the IT, Technology, Media and Communication sectors. Business users can post Text Only News for free in PRESSbooth.ORG and can also use the paid Rich Media News distribution service. The news gets distributed worldwide and are picked up by journalists covering the industries of IT, Technology, Media and Communication. It is one of the most technologically advanced and professionally managed News Distribution Services in India catering the International Business Community. Site is presently undergoing renovation.