Thursday, 16 May 2013

Required: Radio Drama Artists

Radio Drama Artist: 

We are looking for freelance Radio Drama Artists/Voice Over Artists based out of New Delhi India, for a Radio Drama to be aired in Regional AIRs. Applications invited from both Males and Females. Majority of the casting will be in the 27-35 years age group. Few requirements of children and 50-60 years old artists (both male and female) are also there.

Please send in your Resume and Link to Sample Audio: jobs [at]
Subject Header: Radio Drama Artist
Opportunity Window: 20 Days from the Date of Posting
Post Date: 16/5/2013

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Required: Documentary Film Script Writer

Documentary Film Script Writer: 

We are looking for a Freelance Documentary Film Script Writer based out of New Delhi India, for Scripting of a 40 minute Documentary Film.

Please send in your Resume and Sample Script: jobs [at]
Subject Header: Freelance Documentary Film Script Writer
Opportunity Window: 10 Days from the Date of Posting
Post Date: 13/2/2013

Thursday, 27 December 2012

"At Ground Zero - India Gate", an Eye Witness Account... Released on YouTube

Mediakraft released a Newsreel Documentary called "At Ground Zero - India Gate" on YouTube. It was filmed while the clash between the protesters and the police took place on December 23rd, in which over 150 people got injured and one person died.

New Delhi, Delhi, India, December 27, 2012 - Looking at various contradictory reports coming out from the mainstream media, the police and the Delhi government as to what happened on India Gate on December 23rd, 2012, Mediakraft (producers of the much acclaimed documentary series "6.9 Sikkim Rising") announced that it has released a short 12-minute newsreel documentary on YouTube. The newsreel was shot at India Gate on 23rd December, 2012 as violent clashes took place between the police and the anti-rape protesters in which 150 people got injured. Sadly one Delhi Police Constable, Subhash Tomar, lost his life amidst the clashes; he suffered a cardiac arrest on the same day in the middle of the clashes between the police and the protesters.

Aditya Basu, who is the MD of Mediakraft, was visiting India Gate on December 23rd, 2012 to take some pictures of the peaceful protest that was taking place there and to sign the white cloth that was laid down at India Gate to show solidarity with the Delhi gang rape victim and the victim's family. After reaching India Gate and while covering the peaceful protests he heard random tear gas canisters bursting at a distance and decided to investigate the matter further.

The short 12-minute eyewitness documentary has been compiled from stills and video footage that he collected on that day as the clashes took place between the police and the protesters at India Gate that afternoon.

"I have been hearing various versions of the story from various media outlets and other sources and they are more a hodgepodge collection of events and stories, so I decided to do a newsreel using the video and stills that I collected with my 'point and shoot' digital camera that I was carrying with me, explaining step by step exactly what happened at the time when I was there and when the clashes broke out," said Aditya Basu. "The thing is, people of India should get a ground-level eyewitness account from Ground Zero as to what happened on that day... I hope this newsreel doc will help them to understand the events of the day more clearly as it has fire-balled into a major incident now!"

Access the Newsreel Documentary:

YouTube Channel:

Editors' Note:
You are free to show/distribute the newsreel documentary online as part of your report or embed in your website as long as you are embedding the original YouTube video share codes without any modifications for both personal and commercial use. But if you want to download the video and upload the original video in your own server and play it in your own video player and not in YouTube's default player, please contact us for the same. TV channels, if you want to show the newsreel documentary over air / over cable please contact us for the same too.  

About the Director and Producer:
The newsreel is produced and directed by Aditya Basu who has over 16 years' experience in working within various fields of the media industry like national and regional non-fiction TV productions, national and regional TV news and international A/V and text news publishing over the Internet catering to international markets. He is considered to be a pioneer in the new media industry, having launched two news and information portals back in 2003 which stream video as part of their news content offering.

Aditya Basu has been involved in the production of four documentary series (consisting of 34 independent documentary episodes) and in over 16 independent documentary films financed by various government and private, non-fiction TV channels and TV news companies in India.

Aditya Basu has also been, for the last three consecutive years, a part of the Jury for the International Digital Emmy Awards (2009-2011) in the Non-Fiction Category which is held every year in conjunction with the MIPTV Awards in Cannes, France.

About Mediakraft:
Mediakraft Pvt. Ltd. is a digital content production, publishing and distribution company based in New Delhi, India. We create and distribute A/V and Textual/GFX content internationally via both the new and the old media platforms. We specialise in non-fiction content production, publishing and distribution of documentary films, documentary series, corporate films, promotional films, podcasts, vodcasts, etc.

Aditya Basu
Managing Director,
Mediakraft Pvt. Ltd.

Email: info @
Mobile: +91-9971483182

Mediakraft Pvt. Ltd.,
D12, G/F, Kailash Colony
New Delhi 110048,

Friday, 5 October 2012

Exclusive HD Preview of 6.9 Sikkim Rising Released on Youtube

Mediakraft announced that it has released parts of its exclusively shot Travelogue Documentary Series 6.9 Sikkim Rising on Youtube in its official Youtube Channel: MediakraftGlobal. Prior to this, Mediakraft launched its Online Channel SikkimRising.TV which has been made exclusively for the Travelogue Documentary Series “6.9 Sikkim Rising”, in which the filmmaker travelled around the hill state of Sikkim, India in October 2011,only three weeks after a devastating earthquake to document the massive destruction that took place there. Though it’s a travelogue, which documents the natural disaster that took place on 18 September 2011, it is actually a story of hope and inspiration to billions worldwide. It’s a story about how the people of Sikkim, the small Himalayan state in India, is returning to its feet after being devastated by the 6.9 MW earthquake last year on that unfortunate day. The series was shot within 22 days of the earthquakehitting Sikkim and carries exclusive footage and stories from the remotestparts of the state, stories and areas that were not covered by the National andInternational Media.

New Delhi, India, October 05, 2012 – After the official launch of the site on September 18th evening the Travelogue Documentary Series was made available worldwide on 28 September 2012 via VOD(Video On Demand) over Internet at www.SikkimRising.TV.

Presently Part 1 of the 6.9 Sikkim Rising Series titled "The Journey Beings"has been released over the internet. This part consists of a detailed overview of earthquakes and earthquake zones in India and South East Asia. This part also covers the documentary team's preparation for going into Sikkim to check the devastation just a few days after the earthquake. A well documented journey into West, South and East Sikkim with coverage of devastation and scenic beauty along with real life stories of people who survived the earthquake in those affected districts has also been portrayed in this part.

6.9 Sikkim Rising is an independent production initiative undertaken byMediakraft to help the earthquake victims of Sikkim, a disaster affected statein India. Shot within 22 days of the earthquake hitting Sikkim, it has spentover 9 months on the edit table. A team of over 30 professionals from NewDelhi, Mumbai, Gangtok, Bangalore, Kolkata and Ahmedabad have collaboratedtogether to make this venture possible. Help in making the series has come fromsome caring nationals from Sweden and Germany as well.

Primarily made for distribution by Video on Demand (VOD) on Internet, first15 minutes of the 6-hour plus long Travelogue Documentary Series has been madeavailable on Youtube for the general public and national and internationalpress and media executives to preview the series.

6.9 Sikkim Rising was initially planned as a 40-minute documentary due forrelease in February/March in 2012 but while at the edit table theProducer/Director decided to make it into a 6.5 hrs mini-series divided into 4parts. So effectively, 6.9 Sikkim Rising’s initial launch target of Marchwas shifted to September, the earthquake’s anniversary month and hasspent over 9 months on the edit table.

“While making the screenplay for the series I realised it would be a gross injustice if we do a commercial format 40-minute documentary. What I feltwhile shooting in Sikkim was that the journey we were going through, the experiences we were having, they could be understood only in the first person.You can’t experience it in a 40-minute informative documentary. When was the last time my viewer crossed a landslide by foot? When was the last time when my viewer travelled on a road where huge rocks are hanging overhead? When was the last time my viewer crossed a road where 14 days ago a bus was stuck under rocks and debris and all roads were washed out? That’s when it hit me... I need to make it into a travelogue so that people sitting in their homes can have a first person experience of whatever we faced. It’s all there. All our journeys, all the incidents, all the wonderful and brave people we met. It’s all there in the series. It was a journey of a lifetime for us, andI am sure that I have been able to bring it out exactly in the series so thatour viewers can experience it too...” added Aditya who is also the Editorand Director of 6.9 Sikkim Rising.

Presently 6.9 Sikkim Rising is being made available on a Paid VOD platform sponsored by Eggup.Com with a Ticket Price of $ 1.99/Rs.100 (INR) approximately(48hrs Rent) and $ 5.99/Rs. 300 (INR) approximately (Life Time Viewing) torecover its production costs. After registering at SikkimRising.TV viewers willbe able to access the content from 5 devices which includes iPad and iPhone,viewers can also view the content from their PC and Mac. "We decided to keepthe ticket price lower than that one has to spend to watch a movie in a hall(in-case of rent) or to buy a DVD (in-case of lifetime purchase) in India, sothat more people can afford it. Internationally also we have introduced thesame low rate so that everyone can afford it, " said Aditya. Chances of DVDrelease are also there in a few months time and talks are also on with National/International TV Stations to air the series.

The launch of an online channel www.SikkimRising.TV by an independent media house also marks the beginning of a new era in Indian Television Industry where visionary media entrepreneurs can create their own projects without waiting for any approval from any specific TV channel and reach out to viewers directly via the VOD platforms of Internet, DTH and IPTV.

“Imagine a world of good informative content that we all producers and publishers can bring forward, which is normally disregarded by the mainstream channels as these stories are too niche in nature. Courtesy the new media revolution, now it’s possible for us to cater directly to the niche audience that we are targeting, as it happens in the case of book publishing...SikkimRising.TV is a trendsetter that way.” said Aditya. “We are calling it an Online Channel as we will keep doing Live Interviews, Studio Discussions, Live Press Conferences on various earthquake and humanitarian issues via our Live Video Section. We are also in talks with various producersto stream their environment related docs and shorts and music videos at SikkimRising.TV” added Aditya.

Mediakraft Pvt. Ltd. undertook this noble venture to make a travelogue documentary mini-series on the effects of the 6.9 MW earthquake that hit Sikkimon 18 September 2011 evening. The tremors of the quake were felt across theIndian subcontinent. In the course of the series the plight of the people of Sikkim will be highlighted along with in-depth coverage of the socio-economic problems being faced by Sikkim post the earthquake.

The series intends to create international awareness as regard to what has happened in Sikkim and will highlight how Sikkim needs additional funding and an increase in tourism related revenues.

Sikkim is in Zone IV of India’s Earthquake Zonal map and was rocked bya series of aftershocks after the 6.9 MW earthquake that shook Sikkim onSeptember 18, 2011. The 4.1 MW quake that took place on the anniversary of the2011 earthquake in September 18, 2012 and other similar quakes keep disruptingnormal life in Sikkim. Presently North Sikkim has been plunged into another crisis similar to that of last year as Flash Floods have wrecked havoc in theNorth and claimed scores of lives. This highlights the cause Mediakraft andscores of other organisations and individuals are working for. The fight hasnot ended in Sikkim and public support is still required.

Editors Note:
Multimedia PR Available with Images and Exclusive Video

Other than creating an awareness regarding what happened in Sikkim and the need of tourists there, to play a direct role in bettering the lives of the victims whom we have interviewed and filmed for the Documentary we intend todonate 10% of our profits from the Video Series and 20% of our profit from the Memorabilia sales to one NGO/Govt. Department who is playing an important rolein bringing Sikkim back on its feet.

6.9 Sikkim Rising Official Project Pages:

Online Channel/VOD:



YouTube Channel:


About the Director and Producer:
Project is Produced and Directed by Aditya Basu who has over 16 years’experience in working within various fields of the Media Industry like Nationaland Regional Non-Fiction TV Productions, National and Regional TV News and International A/V & Text News Publishing over the Internet catering toInternational Markets. He is considered to be a pioneer in the New Media Industry having launched 2 news and information portals back in 2003 whichstreams video as part of its news content offering.

Aditya Basu has been involved in production of 3 TV Documentary Series priorto this series (Consisting of 24 Independent Documentary Episodes) and in over16 Independent Documentary Films financed by various Govt. and Private, Non-Fiction TV Channels and TV News Companies in India.

Aditya Basu has also been, for the last three consecutive years, a part ofthe Jury for the International Digital Emmy Awards (2009-2011) in theNon-Fiction Category, which is held every year in conjunction with the MIPTVAwards in Cannes, France.

6.9 Sikkim Rising Project Partners:

Legal Partner: Legal Orbit
Legal Orbit (the “Firm”) is a young, dynamic and progressivefull service Indian law firm rendering legal services with a client focused andsolution oriented approach. The Firm provides with a “one stopshop” seamless service for all the legal requirements of its clients.

Animation Partner: Virtualinfocom
We at Virtual Information and Communications (virtualinfocom) believe in the perfect mix of imaginative and innovative efficiency, coupled with ground breaking technology provides our customers with the state of the art products and services.

PR Distribution Partner: PR Newswire
PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organisations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide. Providing multimedia news targeting, distribution and monitoring products PR Newswire helps you promote your brand, generate awareness, drive sales and increase revenue.

Online VOD Partner: Eggup.Com
Egg is a global award winning technology platform which helps film makers distribute their films globally in a secured manner while maintaining all controls on the content. Consumers can watch Hi def quality shows in multiple devices, securely share it with friends & promote the shows in social media networks & help generate revenue for the film makers.

About Mediakraft:
Mediakraft Pvt. Ltd. is a digital content production, publishing and distribution company based in New Delhi, India. We create and distribute A/V and Textual/GFX content internationally via both the new and the old media platforms. We specialise in non fiction content production, publishing and distribution of Documentary Films, Documentary Series, Corporate Films, Promotional Films, Podcasts, Vodcasts etc.

Aditya Basu
Email: 6.9 [at]
Mobile: +91-99714-83182

Mediakraft Pvt. Ltd.,
D12, G/F, Kailash Colony
New Delhi 110048,